VERFIN-SF- 300(Gloss Agent)


VERFIN-SF- 300(Gloss Agent)

VERFIN- SF-300 can be easily diluted in cold water 5Kgs. of VERFIN-SF-300 may be diluted with 5Kgs. of water i.e. 10 liter of solution will be 150 GPL – strength. This concentration can be varied to suit mills convenience.Solution should be passed through a 40 mesh wire cloth while adding



  • Total Solid at 1050 C - 30 ± 1%

  • PH Value - 7 ± 1

  • Shelf Life - 90 days.

  • Appearance - White paste



VERFIN-SF-300 finds application for surface coating. It is also used for water – proofing of paper & board articles. Being Non-ionic and stable to alkali, VERFIN-SF-300 is perfectly compatible with coating mixtures based on case in and / or Synthetic lattices such as Butakens. VERFIN-SF-300 imparts luster and slight water resistance to coatings.VERFIN-SF-300 should be added after addition of pigment along with the coating solution. Dosage depends of quality of paper. Normally the consumption of VERFIN-SF-300 is 5% on pigment (for Duplex Board) and 2% on pigment (for quality coated paper) or depends on the required Gloss, SOA (Surface Oil Absorption) & smoothness of paper. It also increases whiteness & improve printability of paper & board. VERFIN-SF-300 can reduce 25% Ink consumption & gives excellent print gloss.


PACKING - 50 Kgs. Carboys


STORAGE & HANDLING - Storage must be in covered place & avoid direct sunlight, Non toxic