VERDET-PDF (Defoamer)



VERDET-PDF (Defoamer)


  • Appearance - White paste

  • PH Value - 3%emulsion 8+1

  • Shelf Life180 days



VERDET- PDF can easily diluted in cold or hot water. VERDET- PDF is to used after making emulsion of  3 - 4% concentration.



  • VERDET-PDF is suitable defoamer for pulp and paper mills which can be used at various stage of pulp and paper making operations. VERDET-PDF can be used for alkaline pulp washing & screening.

  • VERDET-PDF is also useful at the ET (Effluent treatment) plant. Dosage to be used depends on Mill conditions


PACKING : 50Kgs. HDPE Carboys.


STORAGE & HANDLING : Stable under normal Conditions.