FELTEX-LD (Versatile felt cleaning agent free from caustic)



FELTEX-LD (Versatile felt cleaning agent free from caustic)

FELTEX-LD is powerful detergent especially developed to suit the needs of paper industry. It cleans all types of felts – synthetic (100%) and blends (synthetic & woof). FELTEX-LD is a cold water soluble liquid which is readily forms stable, clear aqueous solution.



  • Appearance - Colourless liquid

  • Ionic nature - Non-Ionic

  • PH Value - 10.5

  • Density at 200C - About 1 

  • Solubility - Readily soluble in cold water.



FELTEX-LD may be applied with a concentration of 100 gpl to150 gpl. FELTEX-LD can effectively removes oil stains, fillers, fines, bitumen, sizing chemicals, alum, grease, pigments, dyes insoluble salt and other residues from felt. Being free from caustic, felt life is also enhanced & frequent cleaning can be avoided resulting in to reduced machine down times.

FELTEX-LD can be applied as a continuous or periodic wash:-

In case of continuous spray it is normally applied directly on the machine felt while the felt are in use. In case of periodic felt cleaning FELTEX-LD can be applied alone or along with caustic soda in required concentration and ratio.

Advantages of using FELTEX-LD :

Regular use of FELTEX-LD results in:

  • Extended life of felt and wire.

  • Reduced breakage of paper.

  • Improved quality and uniformity of paper.

  • Prevention of foaming.

  • No holes formed in paper.


PACKING - 50 Kgs. Carboys and 200 Kgs drums.


STORAGE & HANDLING - Stable under normal conditions.