VERDET-MDF (Defoamer for paper machine)



VERDET-MDF (Defoamer for paper machine)

VERDET-MDF is suitable defoamer for paper machine. It can be used to control surface foaming as well as the troublesome problem of entrained air in the stock.

VERDET-MDF can control foam in stock preparation, in the paper machine system etc.


  • Appearance - Milky white paste.

  • Nature - Non Ionic

  • Solubility- Easily soluble in water.

  • Shelf Life - 180 Days



VERDET-MDF gives more cost effective foam control in paper machine system. It can reduce polymer usage, increase production by allowing greater machine speeds, and reduce steam consumption in the dryers. These benefits translate into greater production better formation of paper as well as trouble free operation.

A typical dosage rate is 0.3 kgs. / ton to 0.6 kgs. / ton of paper produced, but it is recommended that optimum addition point and addition dosage are determined by trial.

PACKING - 50 kgs HDPE carboys

STORAGE & HANDLING - Stable under normal conditions. Carboys must be tightly closed when not in use.