VERSIZE-DRP (Neutral Sizing Agent)



VERSIZE-DRP (Neutral Sizing Agent)

VERSIZE-DRP is a ready mix size for use in papermaking process in neutral/ alkaline PH. VERSIZE-DRP is colloidally stabilized dispersed rosin used for internal sizing of paper and paperboard.


  • Appearance - Milky-White dispersion.

  • Composition -Active Content content 31 + 1%

  • Solubility - Easily soluble in water.

  • Ph Value - 3 + 1

  • Shelf Life - 12 Weeks

  • Nature - Cationic

  • Viscosity - 500 mPas

  • Specific Gravity - 1.09 + 0.03



VERSIZE-DRP is a ready mix size to be used in papermaking process with minimum consumptioon of Alum/PAC. It is highly stable in storage due to its specific chemical composition and manufacturing technique. Controlled quantity of size is injected by using a proper dosing pump. It is especially suitable for the sizing of paper and paperboard manufactured from recycled waste paper containing calcium carbonate as filling / loading material. A good distribution of the size is obtained by adding it at a point in the stock flow stream where it is turbulent. By trial and error, the best feeding point can be determined.


The quantity of VERSIZE-DRP to be added depends upon type papermaking machinery used, the temperature, and the point of addition of the additives in the papermaking system, the amount of anionic materials present in the pulp, and the type of pulp. For example, mechanical pulp or pulp from recycled paper could contain larger amounts of anionic material and therefore require higher quantity of VERSIZE-DRP than cleaner bleached Kraft pulp.


  • It is very effective sizing chemical for paper / paper board produced from waste paper containing calcium carbonate, talc, Titanium dioxide etc. as filler materials.

  • Flexibility to run paper machine in wide range of pH (4 to 8) Neutral / alkaline pH is most suitable for pulp stock contaminated / loaded with calcium carbonate.

  • It consumes lesser amount of alum / PAC when compared with acid or neutral (anionic / cationic) sizing thereby reducing corrosion and scaling on sensitive parts of paper machine and its auxiliaries.

  • Possibility to control sizing according to quality requirements.

  • Uniform sizing as it fixes to Cellulose fibers during web drying.

  • Minimum production stops due to foam and forth.

  • Improved retention and quality of finished paper / paper board.

  • Better strength properties permanency of paper due to less alum.

  • Lower cost of sizing chemicals compared to alkaline sizing.

  • Increase in brightness compared to alkaline sizing.

  • Resistant to high initial dryer temperature on MG machine.

  • Compatible with different types of pulp and fillers.


Due to its acidic nature, VERSIZE-DRP is mildly irritating to the skin and eye. It is advisable to wear both safety goggles and PVC or rubber gloves during delivery, transfer and usage of the same.


VERSIZE-DRP is supplied in drum or a tanker, During storage or transfer of VERSIZE-DRP must be protected from extreme heat and should be stirred in storage.

PACKING - 25 kgs Plastic Drums.

STORAGE & HANDLING - VERSIZE-DRP can be stored in stainless steel tank or plastic tank reinforced with fiberglass with smooth interior and easy to clean surface.Vertical tank is preferred over horizontal tank because of its smaller base area. Do not store VERSIZE-DRP at temp below 5° C and above 35° C. Store the product such that there is minimum air access to prevent water evaporating from the dispersion and crust formation. VERSIZE-DRP should be protected from direct sunlight.