VERSHINE-DRA-333 (Finishing Agent)


VERSHINE-DRA-333 (Finishing Agent)

VERSHINE-DRA-333 is a speciality chemical for paper Industry. It gives better sheet formation by dispersion of fibers. It is very useful for M. G. machine and it reduces dusting and fluff on the paper machine and during conversion. VERSHINE-DRA-333 reduces tackiness and plucking on the M. G. cylinder and also gives a soft bulky handle to the paper.


  • Appearance - Cream coloured pourable paste

  • Dilutablility - Dilutable with water in any proportion.

  • PH Value - 7+1

  • Shelf Life - 180 Days



VERSHINE-DRA-333 may be easily diluted in cold water. Before addition of VERSHINE-DRA-333 it is advisable to prepare a 20% concentrate solution in water Addition must be in four parts and water should be added in to chemical. Solution should be passed through a 40 mesh wirecloth while adding



Addition VERSHINE-DRA-333 to stock suspension brings a better dispersion of the fiber. This promotes a more uniform sheet formation. It is absorbed by the fibers and gives a soft bulky handle and smoothness to the paper and the machine speed can be increased. Because of the antistatic effect of VERSHINE-DRA-333 processing difficulties can be reduced.

VERSHINE-DRA-333 can be added to the machine chest or before the head box where through mixing with the stock suspension is ensured. It should be added after addition of optical brightener, dyes, dye fixing agents.

Dosage depends on the effect required and on the quality of the pulp. Normally the dosage of VERSHINE-DRA-333 should be 0.2% to 0.8% on dry paper basis.

PACKING - 50/100 kgs HDPE Carboys

STORAGE & HANDLING - Stable under normal conditions.