VERPAP-DI (Deinking agent * Solvent base)


VERPAP-DI (Deinking agent * Solvent base)

VERPAP-DI is a very powerful deinking agent. It helps in removing various inks, (black/coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. Due to its excellent emulsification power, VERPAP-DI prevents redeposition of ink on the cellulose fiber.  VERPAP-DI can de-ink both imported waste paper as well as local waste paper effectively to make white paper of the desired quality.



  • Appearance - Colourless liquid

  • Solubility - Easily dispersible in water

  • PH Value(3% Solution) - 8 ± 1

  • Compatibility - Compatible with anionic and nonionic surface active agents.




VERPAP-DI is recommended to add 0.2 to 0.6% on the weight of the pulp in the pulper for loosening the ink and separation from the pulp fibers. VERPAP-DI is added in Hydrapulper or Breaker beater along with other chemicals like caustic soda, sodium Hypo chloride, sodium silicate, Hydrogen peroxide in required concentration. Percentage of above chemicals depending upon the type of waste paper, type of loading ink characteristics etc.

Factors influencing deinking operation:

  • Concentration - Concentration of the pulp in pulper should be upto 10% to 15%.

  • PH Value - PH must be between 8.5 to11.0 of the slurry.Washing

  • Washing must be good and thorough.


PACKING - 50 Kgs. Carboys and 200 Kgs drums

STORAGE & HANDLING - Stable under normal conditions. Non toxic.