VERDET-SDF (Defoamer for pulp mill)



VERDET-SDF (Defoamer for pulp mill)

VERDET-SDF is an effective defoamer for chemical pulp production. It contains ingredients which normally do not contribute to resinous deposits in pulp mill washing operations.


  • Appearance - Off white emulsion..

  • Nature - Non Ionic

  • Solubility- Easily soluble in water.

  • PH Value - 8.5 + .0.5

  • Shelf Life - 180 Days



VERDET-SDF is an effective defoamer for alkaline pulp washing and screening & bleaching process. A typical dosage rate is 0.1 kgs./ ton to 0.5kgs./ ton of pulp produced, but it is recommended that optimum addition point and addition dosage are determined by trial.

PACKING - 50 kgs HDPE carboys and 200 kgs. Drums

STORAGE & HANDLING - Stable under normal conditions. Carboys must be tightly closed when not in use