VAPCO-LR-50 (Wax emulsion)



VAPCO-LR-50 (Wax emulsion)


  • Total Solids at 1050 C - 17 ± 1%

  •  PH Value - 7 ± 1

  •  Shelf Life - 20 days.




  • Composition - Waxes with emulsifiers

  • Appearance -  White liquid.

  • Ionic nature - Non Ionic.

  • Stable to hard water and dilute alkali.  



VAPCO-LR-50 is marketed in the form of a white emulsion, which when diluted with water gives fine emulsion with alkalies, hard water and salts. VAPCO-LR-50 is useful as a sizing agent (Internal & Surface) in Paper Industry.



  • VAPCO-LR-50 is wax size for paper and paper boards. It is a complementary size for use alongwith the rosin size and offers maximum sizing.

  • VAPCO-LR-50 is recommended to use alongwith the rosin to achieve the best result economically upto 45% of the rosin size and 35% of fortified rosin can be used.

  • VAPCO-LR-50 should be added to mixing chest or beater. The recommended dosages are 0.4% to 1% on dry paper basis.




1. Uniformity in sizing.


2. Improves finish & fold.


3. Minimizes curling tendency of paper.


4. Improves gloss and printing qualities.


PACKING : 200 Kgs/100 Kgs. HDPE Carboys.


STORAGE & HANDLING Stable under normal conditions, Non toxic. Storage must be in covered place & avoid direct sunlight